An old pair of sunglasses

A recent donation to Market Lavington Museum included a pair of sunglasses.

They are quite small, so we imagine they must have belonged to a child. The small round shape of the lenses looks very much like the fashion of the 1920s.

They had belonged to Flo Shore, formerly Florrie Burbidge, who was born in 1908 and grew up in School Cottage, Market Lavington, which now houses our museum. (See Flo Burbidge or type Burbidge in the search box for many more blogs on this family.)

They have been kept safe for about 100 years in this sturdy little case, which is only 11cms long on its shorter edge.

Inside the case, the gold lettering reads Curry & Paxton Ltd. This firm still exists today and their history can be read on Curry&

The writing in ink is a little harder to decipher. The word Burbidge is clear. The family comprised of Mr Alf and Mrs Louisa Burbidge, but the sunglasses are too small for an adult face, and their two daughters, Dorothy (Dorrie) and Florence (Florrie). The first word could possibly be Flo or maybe even Mrs! We presume the glasses belonged to Florrie as she was the younger daughter and the more likely to have fitted the glasses in the early 1920s or before.

Also, the glasses came in an attachĂ© case full of items from Bert and Flo’s home, suggesting they had belonged to Flo. The couple had no children to wear the glasses later, so they must just have been kept through Flo’s lifetime as a treasured item. We will be glad to present them along with other optical artefacts in our 20-20 vision display.

Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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